About Us

About Us

A revolutionary and effective technique of marketing for roofers. Results4Roofers markets your roofing company ONLY to those who are actively looking for roofing services. 

Imagine you are in a crowd of 1,000 homeowners speaking to them
about your roofing services. How many of those 1,000 do you think would be genuinely
interested and ready to purchase your service? 3%? 5%?
What if you were able to identify, by name, those 3-5% who are looking for your services even before you spoke to those 1,000 different people?
Now, you can.
That was not possible until now. Using our proprietary marketing software, we have the ability to identify by name people in your area who are preparing to purchase residential roofing services in your area right now. These are people that are going to buy, they just have not yet decided who it is going to be from.
This is a revolutionary marketing technique that you will not find anywhere else.
However, not only do we provide you with a guaranteed amount of these exclusive leads each month (or we pay out of pocket), we will also nurture them and greatly increase your chance to convert them using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Ringless Voicemail & Text Message Campaigns, etc.
We are able get you in front of all the potential clients who are in the market for roofing services right now before your competitors –  and more often – making you the obvious choice.
Stop paying companies such as HomeAdvisor, who sell their leads for around $300 EACH, which are shared with 10+ other roofing contractors. Our leads are exclusive to you and will not be shared.
Because of this and the power of our technology, we only partner with one roofing company per area. 
Contact us today and see if we can represent you in your area.


Smart Marketing For Roofers.

Marketing for Roofers

After teaming up with us,  you are supplied with your own simple-to-use CRM software which each lead is instantly uploaded to you as soon as it is received.

Marketing for Roofers

Spend your marketing money wisely – Advertise to those who are looking for you. The Results 4 Roofers system is designed to reach out only to those who are in the market for your services.

Receive New Leads Weekly – GUARANTEED.

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Marketing Done Right.

People-based marketing

The traditional way to market is to to advertise your company to all people that meet your demographic. We target people - not demographics. People in your area who have recently searched the internet for your services are the only ones who we will market your company to.

custom sales funnels

With every lead you get, we will do the work to close the sale. Results 4 Roofers will advertise your company through sales funnels using facebook ads, ringless voicemails and text messaging to dramatically increase your chances convert your leads into sales.

EXClusive leads

Results 4 Roofers works only for ONE Roofing company per service area. This means that the leads that we give you are not going to any competitors and are only yours for us to help YOU make the sale.

Our Guaranteed Results In Numbers.

These results shown are the absolute minimum of what we guarantee for your company.
Most clients will experience better results.

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Results 4 Roofers is a nation-wide company designed to grow roofing companies and reach their goals. With our Free Consultation, we will review your company and build a marketing plan that will help you and your company grow beyond your expectations.